Press Release

Ucima’s new Board of Directors holds its first meeting

CS 08/2021

The Board was elected at the last Members’ Meeting and will remain in office for 4 years.

Modena, 27 October 2021 - Ucima’s new Board of Directors has officially taken office and has held its first meeting at the association’s headquarters, Villa Marchetti in Baggiovara, Modena. The Board was re-elected at the last Annual Members’ Meeting on 13 September and will remain in office until 2025. It consists of both new and re-elected members: Maurizio Bertocco of Ilpra Spa (Mortara, Pavia), Filippo Cocchi of CT Pack Srl (Fossalta, Ferrara), Manuela Gamberini of MG2 Srl (Pianoro, Bologna), Giuseppe Lesce of Sacmi Imola SC (Imola, Bologna), Maurizio Marchesini of Marchesini Group (Pianoro, Bologna), Valerio Soli of Coesia Group (Bologna) and Andrea Taglini of Easysnap Technology (Modena).

As proposed by the Chairman in accordance with the Articles of Association, the Board also co-opted Luciano Sottile of Goglio Spa (Milan) as a full member of the Board. Finally, Massimo Marchesini of Ima Spa (Ozzano dell’Emilia, Bologna) and Alberto Cirio of Arol Spa (Canelli, Asti) will be invited to participate in Board meetings as the Chairman’s guests in view of their experience and the important contribution they can make to the Board’s work.

Past Chairman Enrico Aureli of Aetna Group Spa (Villa Verucchio, Rimini) completes the Board of Directors, while the Chairman’s Committee, elected in 2020, consists of Chairman Matteo Gentili of TMC Spa (Castel Guelfo, Bologna) and Vice-Chairmen Riccardo Cavanna of Cavanna Spa (Prato Sesia, Novara) and Roberto Paltrinieri of Tetra Pak (Modena).

Several of the board members elected for the first time spoke to the association’s news channel Ucima News about their appointment.

“I hope to live up to the expectations our member companies have in the Board of Directors and to repay the trust they have placed in me,” said Manuela Gamberini of MG2. “I’m taking over from my brother who served on the board for the last 4 years and hope to be the first of many women to be elected to the board.”

“I feel very honoured,” said Andrea Taglini of Easysnap Technology. “Ucima has contributed so much to my own professional experience and that of my company during our years as a member and has accompanied me on this journey through to the present day. I hope to give back what I have received, if nothing else in terms of commitment. It’s a great honour, thank you for this opportunity.”

“I’m thrilled to be on the Board of Directors and to have the chance to do something for the association,” said Maurizio Bertocco of Ilpra. “I stood for election this year as I thought it was the only way to participate and do something concrete. When you are not a member of the association’s bodies it’s very difficult to participate in decision-making and to keep track of what’s going on in the sector. I’m sure it will involve a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to what I believe will be an extremely exciting and stimulating experience.”

“I’m delighted that my company is a member of Ucima and that I can now make a personal contribution to the association and the board,” commented Filippo Cocchi of CT Pack. “I’m thrilled and am really looking forward to getting started.”