Weerg goes on air with brand new services

New features and responsive interface for the e-commerce that revolutionizes the world of mechanics.

Weerg presents itself with a new release, which enhances its offer with exclusive online services.

With a new minimalist look, Weerg - the platform that offers online CNC and 3D processing - makes it even more immediate and user friendly to access new features that enhance the flexibility of the service.

The customer journey starts from an essential home page that directs directly to the heart of Weerg: the online calculator.

The undisputed asset of the e-shop, this tool guarantees unparalleled levels of precision, allowing the user to know in real time which parts of the piece to be produced cost more, so as to be able to optimize the project before moving on to the order. In addition, thanks to the proprietary software based on self-learning systems, the quotations are refined from time to time based on the real timings required by the processes that have already been carried out.

“According to our statement, 'get your parts, very fast', Weerg keyword is optimization. For this reason, thanks to user feedback and analysis carried out through special web marketing tools, we have developed the new release of the platform where currently more than 13,000 requests are conveyed for quotes that convert into a daily average of 400 orders”, says Matteo Rigamonti, Weerg founder.

A completely tailor-made project, for which the company has relied on a pool of professionals specialized in e-commerce, coordinated by the internal IT department.

Lots of new features that optimize weerg.com shopping experience, starting with the selection of delivery times. If before it was possible to select a date from three available options, now the user can freely indicate the day on which he wants to receive his order, specifying any date between 3 days and 3 months for 3D and between 5 days and 3 months for CNC.

The price calculator automatically adjusts the price according to the chosen date, thus incurring costs that are inversely proportional to the delivery time. Maximum flexibility is also guaranteed in terms of quantity, particularly with regard to 3D printing. No more predefined slots, but the possibility to indicate exactly the desired quantity, even from the single piece. All with even higher levels of discounts.

And there's more.

The platform-compatible 3D CAD file formats have also been enhanced, along with the possibility of carrying out mixed orders for 3D and CNC processing. Finally, there are also technical innovations with the creation of a new responsive interface that allows you to request quotes and upload projects more easily from your smartphone.

“With Weerg we are able to give users an answer that was not available in the past: transparency of prices, speed of execution, certainty of deliveries. However, competitive prices and flexibility do not mean standard quality: one of our strengths is the extreme care in the realization of every single detail, starting from the feasibility analysis that we provide free of charge”, says Rigamonti.

Weerg combines an innovative and smart approach with the quality guaranteed by a state-of-the-art production department that is constantly upgraded and implemented with special finishing and processing systems that range from clamping to anodising and threading. An option that today can be selected even more easily thanks to the new release of the platform. Weerg's fleet of machines is unique in Italy, with two fully automated 5-axis Hermle C42U 5-axis batteries for CNC machining, fully automated through the use of anthropomorphic robots, and the largest installation of HP Jet Fusion 4210 printers in Southern Europe for 3D printing, recently supported by a Selective Laser Sintering System (SLS) ProX® SLS 6100 by 3D Systems.

“We like to call ourselves a 5.0 Industry because we push machines through increasingly challenging production rhythms, thus maximising their performance. A work method that allows us to benefit from scale economies that we pass on to our customers in the form of economic advantages.”, says Rigamonti. To guarantee the quality and performance of the platform, you can also find the excellent customer satisfaction score certified by Trusted Shops, a super partes entity that evaluates e-commerces throughout Europe.

Weerg Srl is an Italian company based in Gardigiano that, through the platform weerg.com, offers online CNC machining and 3D printing dedicated to different industries, providing users with all the benefits of a service based on pure e-commerce. Weerg.com's service asset: online real-time quoting, choice of delivery times and free prior analysis of the project provided by the customer. Weerg was born in 2015 from an idea by Matteo Rigamonti, founder in 1994 of Pixartprinting SpA, the largest European web-to-print company BtoB. Thanks to a consolidated know-how in the B2B e-commerce world and in the optimization of the customer experience for online purchases, Weerg is able to satisfy requests ranging from unique examples to mass production. Everything with 100% made in Italy quality, competitive costs, fast delivery times and the freedom to place orders at any time of day. There are numerous reference markets: engineering and mechanical applications, for the automotive industry, electronics and aerospace, for the lighting, technology and consumer goods sectors, and for medical instruments. The Weerg production site is organized according to high levels of automation and uses only the latest generation of machinery to ensure maximum quality.