Thoughts for the aftermath

Until recently (perhaps March) there were many who thought that the “after” would be like the way things were "before": once the “storm” had passed, we would have slowly resumed the previous social and economic behavior and models. And therefore also the managerial behaviors and qualities consistent with that environment.

Fewer and fewer think that way now, and I am among them.

Of course, it is easy to imagine, for example, that smartworking will take up evermore space, the same as social distancing, in our daily as well as in our professional relations, or that the use of technology and the emergence of distribution models will be increasingly intense, as well as the use of different services (think of the sites that already "read" books today).

But what will the managerial behavior and key personal aptitudes in a (semi) new world be like?

First of all, the ability to operate/manage/decide in conditions of uncertainty and instability.

We will have less information on the environment and the competitive scenario. The information will not always be homogeneous, not always synchronous or certain, but nevertheless it will still be necessary to decide and do so with fewer and more random variables available.

Instability and uncertainty will, for a long time, be structural characteristics of every company, every entrepreneurial initiative and every managerial decision.

We will have to develop new abilities to adapt quickly to changes and unpredictable, changed conditions.

What does it mean?

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