The Weerg 3D is red passion

New online industrial spray painting service.

Weerg's passion for 3D printing turns red. The pantone shade RAL 3000 is in fact the first color available for the exclusive industrial spray painting service recently presented by the Italian e-business offering CNC machining and online 3D printing. The new color finish, in particular, can be applied to all Weerg's 3D printing parts, both with HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology and with 3D Systems' ProX® SLS 6100 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.

Available online since the end of January and in semi-matt and semi-gloss variants, the spray painting is carried out with a spray gun by qualified personnel inside a professional booth installed ad hoc at the Weerg headquarters, which guarantees maximum speed of execution and quality. The parts are air dried in a few minutes and do not require any further processing.

Once again, this is an unprecedented innovation. Thanks to the innovative and smart approach that has always distinguished it, Weerg is currently the only 3D printing service to offer this type of in-line finishing on an industrial scale and with immediate quotation, widely used by off-line producers in the field of protipation or for limited series. At weerg.com the service is also available for quick orders with delivery in just 3 working days, thus placing itself at the forefront also in terms of speed of execution.

Painting is combined with dyeing, which is already available only for 3D moulded parts with SLS technology, but guarantees better aesthetic performance. With dyeing, in fact, the colour penetrates directly into the part obtaining a more opaque and less intense effect; the paint, instead, allows a thin layer of colour to be created that covers the object, protecting it and giving it a more compact and brilliant effect. "For reasons of practicality we have decided to start with red, one of the colors most requested by our customers," explains Matteo Rigamonti, founder of Weerg, announcing that other colors such as white and green will be introduced soon.