Surge in Italian bottled mineral water consumption

With a production of 14 billion litres per year and per capita annual consumption of 206 litres, Italy is Europe’s biggest consumer of bottled water (29 litres more per capita than in Germany, +16.4%; 84 litres more than in France, +68.9%).

With a total value of between €7 billion and €10 billion a year, it is a business that generates revenues of around €2.8 billion for Italian bottling companies (more than 260 brands with 140 factories).

In 2017 the mineral water sector saw 7.8% growth in volume and 7.7% growth in value. Sparkling water showed a particularly strong performance (+9.2% in volume and +8.4% in value), while still water maintained the positive trend of recent years with +8.3% growth in volume and +8% growth in value (Iri figures, Total Italy + Discount, 2017).

Italy ranks second at a world level behind Mexico (244 litres per capita), which saw 8% growth in value and 4% growth in volume.