KHS now also labels cans

With the Innoket Neo labeller, KHS is expanding its product portfolio in the field of labelling systems.

This machine stands out for its compact size and low energy consumption (just 5 kilowatts/hour) and is specially designed for labelling cans. In particular it enables manufacturers of small batches and producers with a high brand variety to respond much more rapidly and flexibly to the steadily growing variety of products and labels on the market.

With this innovative system the design or logo can be changed within a few hours. Producers can even print their own self-adhesive film or paper labels, considerably shortening the time to market and allowing costs to be cut as larger numbers of unprinted containers can be purchased. The new machine derives from the established Innoket Neo module system and has an hourly labelling capacity of up to 35,000 full or empty cans in all standard sizes. The machine can be positioned upstream or downstream of the filler.

Format changeovers are quick and do not require any additional tools.