How the ALcode print-apply system is evolving

Thanks to a consolidated experience in the field, ALTECH is able to offer a wide range of solutions for printing, applying and checking self-adhesive labels on packaged products for mass consumption. 

ALcode is the name which identifies ALTECH’s range of print-apply systems for self-adhesive labels, which have already met with extensive success in the market.
In ALcode systems, the label is printed by a Sato (or compatible) printing module, while the application is made in real time by a device which takes the label just printed and places it on the product.

The update in practice. The new model - which represents the natural evolution of the previous model, of which it retains many successful features, like its compactness and reliability - has been equipped with a colour touchscreen display for managing parameters which offers new functions and makes the operator’s job even easier.

The new labeler has been equipped with a standard 300 mm unwind unit, with a further simplified paper reel, with the possibility to fit a 400 mm unit as an option (with a rewinder of increased capacity) allowing for a reduction in interruptions caused by label changes and thus optimisation of packaging/production line times.

The new ALcode can be equipped with the huge range of applicators already developed for the previous model: air-jet for multiformat labels; contact device with a mobile pad or by a vacuum belt device for real-time printing and high-speed application to moving products. This latter applicator is also innovative, as the new version is powered exclusively by electricity, allowing the use of compressed air and the relative circuit to be eliminated.

The new ALcode version is the result of our extensive experience and research aiming to create a labeler which incorporates precision, ease of use and reliability - things which have always set ALTECH’s systems apart.