Guala Closures Group expands its factory in Kenya

Guala Closures East Africa (GCEA), a subsidiary of the Piedmont-based Guala Closures Group, has announced its expansion into the Kenyan market with the inauguration of its new East Africa site in Nairobi. The €5 million investment aims to serve manufacturers of alcohol brands in Kenya and the wider East African market with anti-counterfeiting closures incorporating the latest technology.

This measure is necessary given the estimates of the Anti-Counterfeit Authority in Kenya (that about 1 in 5 products are counterfeit) and of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (that the Kenyan government loses more than €1.7 billion annually due to counterfeits).

GCEA supplies some of the largest beverage and spirits producers including East African Breweries Limited (EABL), Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) and Patiala Distillers. Guala Closures, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, is recognized as a world leader in the production of safety caps for spirits and is a leading manufacturer of aluminium caps for spirits, wines and beverages.

The group sells more than 15 billion caps each year and operates 29 production facilities in five continents. It posted a turnover of €543 million in 2018.