Deoleo: major investments to relaunch the Bertolli and Carapelli brands

Deoleo, the Spanish oil multinational, is relaunching the Italian Bertolli and Carapelli brands, of which it is the owner, with investments in marketing for a value of 20 million euro.

This major operation aims to conquer ground in promising markets like Italy and the USA, which already account for 60% of the group's profits.

Deoleo, the leading company in its sector, with a market share of 10.5%, closed 2016 with a turnover of 750 million euro, but also recorded losses of 179 million, which has convinced the group to reorganise and invest with an aim to returning to positive results over the next two years.

Further to its sale of the Inveruno factory in Milan to the Italian Tof Group, in 2017 Deoleo intends to invest 10 million euro in plant, of which 4.8 million will go to the Tavarnelle factory in Tuscany.