Corteva Agriscience reduces plastic packaging by 60%

At its facility in Sissa in the province of Parma, Italy, Corteva Agriscience™ has adopted an eco-sustainable packaging solution that keeps seed sacks firmly anchored to pallets without the need for further containment films.

The innovative solution uses a non-slip water-based substance that is biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe. The aim is to reduce consumption of plastic stretch film, which currently amounts to around 14 tons per year and will be reduced by 60% by 2021 with the possibility of a further reduction or complete elimination if the market accepts pallets without plastic film wrapping.

The new packaging is expected to have a big impact in terms of reducing the use of plastics, with savings of 8 tons of plastic, or 50 tons of atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Corteva Agriscience employs 400 people and has been listed on the stock market since 1 June 2019. Its best-known brands include Pioneer® Granular® and Brevant™ Seeds, as well as the award-wining Crop Protection products.