Conserve Italia maintains its turnover thanks to exports

The 2018/2019 financial statement approved at the end of October for the Conserve Italia group reveals an essentially stable scenario for the Bologna-based cooperative consortium, owner of the brands Yoga, Valfrutta, Cirio, Derby Blue and Jolly Colombani.

Despite the continued spending crisis on the part of Italian households and the unfavourable climatic trends, aggregate sales totalled €896 million with export share rising to 44% thanks to the parent company’s strong performance in international markets (+9.9%).

The subsidiary companies also performed strongly: Spanish firm Juver posted further sales growth (+1%) and profits of €2.4 million, while Conserves France registered double-digit turnover growth (+12.3%).

By contrast, the sales of Conserve Italia saw a slight decline (-1.6%). The consortium has maintained its level of investments with a total of €43 million, more than half of which was devoted to technological upgrading and adaptation of the processing plants.