Ceflex launches open consultation to enhance and refine guidelines

Ceflex (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), a European consortium of companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging with more than 140 stakeholders including raw materials producers, converters, retailers and packaging users, has launched an open consultation for the wider flexible packaging industry to enhance and refine phase one of the Designing for a Circular Economy Guidelines.

The aim of the guidelines is to increase the recycle percentage of flexible packaging through eco-friendly design solutions. This includes developing a collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure based on end-of-cycle technologies and processes capable of delivering the best economic and environmental results by 2025.

This first edition of the Guidelines, which will be published in the first quarter of 2020, focuses on the largest proportion of the post-consumer flexible packaging waste stream, namely polyolefin-based flexible packaging structures which make up 70-80% of total waste. The guidelines aim to make packaging suitable for collection, sorting and recycling after use, giving clarity to brand owners, retailers, converters and others in the value chain and a clear roadmap for recycling infrastructure.

The open consultation will run until 17 January 2020, during which time all non-Ceflex stakeholders are invited to give their feedback on the website CEFLEX.eu.