Besana launches zero-impact packaging mission

Two dates and two clear goals: packaging with zero waste by 2025 and zero impact by 2035.

The Besana group, a world leader in the production of dry fruit and nuts, has announced its plan to switch to packaging obtained entirely from renewable and recycled sources within 15 years as part of its goal of achieving a zero impact on the environment. The company is already making good progress given that a quarter of its packaging will be recyclable by 2020, a particularly significant target considering that it covers its entire output.

Besana has 35 packaging lines in four different production sites with over 125 million units of product packaged annually and more than 150 products launched each year. In 2019 it developed and launched packaging made of mono-material PE, with a consequent saving of nine tons of carbon dioxide.

By reducing the use of plastic and adopting recycled raw materials, Besana has reduced its CO2 emissions by almost 500 tons this year, a figure that rises to more than 2,000 tons when greater production process efficiency is taken into account.