Having been operating in the field of automation for more than thirty-five years, Gimatic S.r.l. can today boast a vast range of products supplied and used worldwide on a variety of different markets. To improve its competitiveness on the market, Gimatic has decided not to limit itself to the handling business alone, but rather to also supply sensors, electrical actuators, components for End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) and gripping solutions for Robots
Flexibility, skill and technology make Gimatic a cutting-edge company. This is the winning strategy adopted by Gimatic, a strategy that is known and appreciated worldwide. What makes it a competitive business is its continuous desire to grow, as is shown by its constant investment, with part of its annual turnover ploughed back into research and development year-in, year-out, to expand its business all over the world. Gimatic can rely on a well-organised, highly reliable capillary network of distributors and sister companies, which is essential to guaranteeing a continuous flow of new products. It is a sales network that not only markets Gimatic products, but which also collects the user’s requests and builds a specific solution for the given need. Gimatic is also synonymous of quality, a characteristic guaranteed by the use of innovative, technologically advanced machinery and close-knit control procedures monitoring both components and finished products. 


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