The packaging company
Easysnap Technology is an italian company and worldwide exclusive dealer of the Easysnap® brand and IP rights. Its core business is to design and manufacture automatic packaging machines for the industrial production of Easysnap®.  
Easysnap®  has been chosen by business in all industrialized countries from co-packers and brand-owners as Purell by Gojo (USA), Enervit (Italy), Balparmak (Turkey), Rowse Honey (United Kingdom), Clarins (France), Ajanta Pharma (India), Ponti (Italy) and many others all over the world. Over 80 machines are already producing Easysnap® all over the world in quantities of millions daily.
Easysnap Technology has developed even the business unit Easysnap Co-packing, 100% owned by Easysnap Technology, dedicated to a full co-packing service for food and cosmetic brands in the European market.  

The packaging patented technology
Easysnap® is a single-serve packet that opens itself when you fold it in half.  Easysnap® is a new way to open packs. You do not have to tear, to peel or to unscrew caps… Easysnap® opens and dispenses products with only one hand, simply by folding the pack in half. When you fold an Easysnap® in half the applied pressure gradually opens a special slit dispensing the product inside. The slit is mechanically made in a patent multilayer semi-rigid foil, while a barrier keeps the product integrity.
Easysnap® can be used to pack any liquid and semi-liquid product.  Condiments like salad dressings, beverages like energy drinks or medicines, flavourings as syrup and even as an applicator for creams, lotions and soap gel.  Easysnap® makes easier the way of consumption of anything you can drink, seasoning, mix and spread.

Some Brands/Companies that have already packed with Easysnap®
Balparmak (Turkey), Purell (USA), Rowse Honey (UK), Clarins (France), Honigmayr (Austria), Ponti (Italy), Enervit (Italy), Kamagra (India), Liquid Sciences (USA), Alimentos Don Hugo (Brasil), Sanisnap (Argentina), Byodo (Germany), Monini (Italy), Acetaia Giusti (Italy), Il Borgo del Balsamico (Italy), Marmara Birlik (Turkey), Boscia (USA), Isoride (USA), Dermaceutiv (Switzerland), Sachajuan (Sweden), Pierre Fabre (France)

Some examples of product packed in Easysnap®
― Food:  Ketchup, Mayonaise, Salad dressing, Jam, Spread cheese, Mustards, Spirits, Syrups, Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Fruit Juices, Energizers, Agave Syrup, Soy sauce
― Beauty and Pharma: Liquid medications, Baby Care Products, Ointments, Toothpaste, Body Lotions, Creams, Hand Sanitizer, Detergents, Sun Creams, Moisturizer, Hair Conditioner, Glues, Eye Moisturizers, Lubricants, Hotel Amenities, Mouth Washes.


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