Established in 1974 in Ferrara, Italy, Bonfiglioli Engineering S.r.l. (BE) is the worldwide leader in quality control solutions, Leak Detection Systems, Visual & Functional Package Testing, Inspection and Monitoring Equipment. 

Throughout its history, BE has been able to combine its remarkable engineering expertise with original thinking and technological advancements to serve a truly global customer base in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetics, Plastic, Metal Can&Aerosol and Food&Beverage markets.

Today, after over 40 years of manufacturing innovation, BE is proud to be a member of TASI GROUP, the largest group in the world uniquely focused on leak testing, measurement and inspection, and, together with his sisters companies ALPS and SEPHA, has created the brand TASITEST, designed to become a leading force in the packaging leak detection and inspection solutions market.


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Website: www.bonfiglioliengineering.com

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.tasitest.com


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44124 Ferrara (FE)