DAKY Pack is a single-member company, located in the Packaging Valley of Bologna, which designs, manufactures, installs, tests and overhauls automatic machines and lines dedicated to the packaging of paste and pressed bouillon cubes, yeast, butter and margarine, cheese.

DAKY Pack:

  • offers a wide range of solutions, in terms of flexibility and speed;
  • manufactures the entire range of machines that make up the primary and secondary packaging lines;
  • customize its machines, to meet the Customer's marketing guidelines;
  • supports the Customer, improving his operational efficiency and allowing him to acquire and maintain market shares, increasing the competitive advantage;
  • maintains the packaging machines throughout their life cycle.
  • It stands out in the creation of increasingly simple machines, which produce better quality packages at higher speeds and in a sustainable way.


The driving forces behind DAKY Pack's activity are:

  • the relationship with its customers, who know how to listen and to whom they can offer the skills acquired over decades of experience;
  • R&D, through which it pursues the innovation of packaging machines, applying the values ​​of sustainability and respect for the environment to its design;
  • its Stakeolders, rooted in the so-called Packaging Valley of Bologna, with whom it develops collaborative relationships based on fairness and reciprocity


Tel. +39 051 765651
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.dakypack.com


Via dell'Artigianato, 5
40057 Granarolo Dell'Emilia (BO)

La DANFOSS SRL svolge un ruolo attivo nelle principali tematiche di crescita: infrastrutture, cibo, energia e clima sono gli ambiti a cui il nostro business rivolge la sua attenzione. 
Tipologia di fornitura: componenti meccatronici per il risparmio energetico in vari settori industriali


Tel. +39 011 3000 511

Email [email protected]

Sito http://www.danfoss.it/home/#/


Corso Tazzoli, 221
10137  Milano  (Mi)

Datalogic, leader nel mercato dell'acquisizione automatica dei dati e dell'automazione industriale, è uno dei principali produttori mondiali di lettori di codici a barre, sensori, sistemi di visione, sistemi di marcatura laser e mobile computer ed offre soluzioni innovative per una vasta gamma di applicazioni rivolte all'industria manifatturiera e ai settori trasporti e logistica, retail e sanità.

Nel mercato Industrial Automation, Datalogic è tra i maggiori produttori al mondo di prodotti e soluzioni per l'identificazione automatica, rilevazione e marcatura, che rispondono alla crescente richiesta di soluzioni per la tracciabilità, l'ispezione e il riconoscimento in ambito industriale e logistico:  laser scanner industriali, camere e sistemi di visione, sensori e sistemi di sicurezza e marcatori laser.

Con l'acquisizione di Accu-Sort e PPT Vision  nel 2012, Datalogic offre un' ampia gamma di prodotti, tecnologie e soluzioni affidati a un team di professionisti qualificati in grado di fornire un servizio superiore ai clienti.


Tel. +39 051/6765611

Fax. +39 051/6765494

Email [email protected]

Website http://www.datalogic.com


Via Lavino, 265
40050 Monte San Pietro (BO)

It was 1996 when we founded Delfin Srl: a company based in Italy born from the friendship and the common passion for our work of the three of us: Alberto Drago, Loris Marchioro and Piero Marchioro.

We are in the market of the production packing machines for food and non-food industry, and automatic dosing machines for cookies and biscuits. Because of these two divisions, we produce in our company packing systems and lines and also dosing machines: these two sectors are specific in their characteristic but are at the same time compatible.

Today, after 25 years, Delfin is a very dynamic, powerful and flexible company; that’s why we are partners of very big industrial poles as well as little artisans: to all of them we offer our expertise and tailored solutions.


Tel. +39 0445 580688
Fax +39 0445 580766
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.delfin.it


Via Keplero, 18
36034 Malo (Vicenza)

Desirò Giuseppe SRL is committed to introducing more and more innovations to its already proven range of products, always tailored to the needs of customers in the closure sector.
The plants have undergone constant and constant evolution over time, and every assembly or handling of components is always followed by a control operation. PLC-run Desirò machines are equipped with a simple-to-use man-machine interface that guides the operator during normal use and helps troubleshoot any problems. The signals of each sensor are counted and stored in a production database to which the operator or a remote PC can access. Through the keyboard display, you can also control and change machine control parameters with multiple levels of password for accurate system productivity management.
The final product output control includes a variety of options, including a visual system, still with automatic waste management and statistical sampling.
The finished product is handled for automatic filling of multiple containers with options that include both multiple outputs and the handling of boxes with rides or ribbons.
Working in close collaboration with its customers, Giuseppe Desirò SRL realizes customizations that fully meet the requirements.


Tel. +39 055 368403
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.giuseppedesiro.it


Viale Ludovico Ariosto, 490C/D
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

DEUBLIN is the proven leader for the manufacture of electrical Slip Rings and  Rotary Unions in rugged industrial and complex applications. Based on decades of experience with harsh rotary joints, DEUBLIN products optimize the latest technology to obtain long-term operation and unrestrained connection of signals, power and media (air, liquids) between stationary and rotating system.

DEUBLIN products are designed to ensure the integrity of the electrical signal as is passes through the Slip Ring, while rotating unions allow reliable fluid flow.

DEUBLIN products are at the cutting edge of technology today. Quality standards according to ISO 9001 and ISO EN 14001 are a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

Since 1945 when the company has been founded, DEUBLIN has obtained multiple achievements globally.

DEUBLIN is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) offering lean logistic operation and simplified customs clearance.



Tel. +39 051 835611
E-mail: [email protected]
Sito: www.deublin.it


Via Guido Rossa 9 – Loc. Monteveglio
40053 Valsamoggia (BO)


La produzione dell'azienda si rivolge a macchine automatiche a media e alta cadenza per il confezionamento con film termoretraibile. In rilievi, incartonatrici e wrap-around linee combinate.


Tel. +39 051 791611

Fax. +39 051 6511013

Email [email protected]

Website http://www.aetnagroup.com


Via Rinascita, 25
40064 Ozzano Emilia (BO)


Tel. +39 051 6810804

Fax. +39 051 950091

Email [email protected]

Website http://www.easysnap.com/it/


Via Davia, 9/D 
40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)


Tel. +39 039 28111

Fax. +39 039 2811911

Email [email protected].com

Website www.elesa.com


Via L. Mancini 5
20129 Milano (MI)

Fondata nel 1978, ETIPACK in pochi anni ha raggiunto la posizione di leader nella costruzione di sistemi e soluzioni per l'etichettatura, la codifica, la sovrastampa con etichette autoadesive; sistemi feeder e pick & place per la distribuzione di coupons. L’organizzazione commerciale di ETIPACK è distribuita su tutto il territorio nazionale attraverso agenti di vendita regionali, mentre l’export viene realizzato verso più di 30 Paesi del mondo, con maggiore concentrazione nell’area europea, grazie a una rete di distributori locali organizzati per la vendita e l’assistenza tecnica dei prodotti.


Tel. +39 02 660621

Fax. +39 02 6174919

Email [email protected]

Website http://www.etipack.it


Via Aquileia, 55/61
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)