How to become a member

Membership procedure

In order to join UCIMA, companies must have been registered in Italy for at least two years.

To qualify for UCIMA membership, companies must design, manufacture or sell (at least two of these activities):

  1. machinery for primary or secondary packaging of solids, liquids, pastes, granules or powders in rigid or flexible containers
  2. machinery for the production of finished packaging
  3. machinery for the end-of-line stage of the packaging process
  4. bottling machinery and plants.

UCIMA may accept applications for membership (as aggregate members) made by Italian businesses that conduct industrial activities involving the production of process machinery or similar equipment closely allied to packaging (i.e. upstream or downstream of the production activities conducted by members) or the processing and production of packaging materials, or which supply goods, accessories or components or provide packaging-related services.

(art. 4 of the Articles of Association)


Membership procedure:

To apply to join the association, companies must submit the membership application forms (Domanda di Adesione and Foglio Notizie), which can be downloaded from this page.

These documents must be sent to the Internal Relations Office: [email protected]

The Board will examine the membership application in the first session after it has been submitted and will announce whether or not the application has been accepted in the second session.

The membership fee is calculated according to the turnover the company generates in the sector. For this purpose, member companies must fill in the Foglio Notizie with their latest figures each year.

Here attached are the Articles of Association containing the fundamental rules and regulations of the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers' Association.