Introducing our association

UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers' Association) is the national trade association that represents and supports the Italian packing and packaging machinery manufacturers. It has more than 100 member companies from all over the country, including the industry leaders.

The highest concentration of members lies in the Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont regions.

UCIMA member companies cover the entire range of packaging machinery production, from the food, confectionery and tobacco industries through to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, cosmetics and end-of-line technologies.

UCIMA is a member of the Italian Employers' Federation Confindustria, making it an integral part of Italian industry's representation system. It is also a member of the Italian Packaging Institute, COPAMA (World Confederation of Packaging Machine Associations) and EUROPAMA (European Confederation of Packaging Machine Associations).

It maintains links with a variety of institutions and plays a major role in fostering the growth of the sector as a whole. Being part of a national and international network helps the association pursue initiatives and develop strategies for the sector.

UCIMA offers support to its member companies by providing professional services and information, consulting and assistance on all the major issues concerning the sector.

In January 2012 UCIMA's headquarters moved to Villa Marchetti in Baggiovara (Modena).