VéGé group launches app to reduce food waste

The VéGé Group, one of the largest Italian players in the modern distribution sector, is promoting an interesting initiative to fight food waste through a partnership with Last Minute Sotto Casa (LMSC).

It consists of an app (already downloaded by almost 100,000 users) designed to bring together stores that need to sell food products approaching their sell-by date and consumers interested in purchasing them at a substantial discount. Following an initial testing stage, the project has been successfully implemented in stores located in the Liguria region. The group now intends to roll out the app at a national level and make it available at all its 3,416 stores.

According to Eurispes figures (2019), each year a total of 1.3 billion tons of perfectly edible food with a value of $750 billion is discarded worldwide. In Italy alone, more than 10 million tons of food products worth around €15 billion are wasted each year.