The Fonte Regina Staro plant reopens

The Fonte Regina Staro mineral water plant in Valli del Pasubio has reopened after a five-year period of closure.

It is the Fonte Margherita group’s third plant to be reopened as part of the rescue operation led by company directors Nicola Sartore and Denis Moro.

The new plant will also bottle Fonte Lonera mineral water originating from the highest spring in the Little Dolomites, at an altitude of 1240 metres above sea level. The plant, which will bottle the two types of water exclusively in glass, has been renovated and process innovations have been introduced to automate the bottling plant, making it one of the fastest and safest in Italy.

The Fonte Margherita group already operates in Italy in the retail, out-of-home and vending sectors with water both in glass bottles and in the new recyclable cardboard packaging it recently presented in London.