Spotlight on sustainable challenges and advanced technology at the Global Packaging Forum during ProPak Asia

More than 380 people from 19 countries attended the Global Packaging Forum on 12 June, the event co-organised by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and UBM during the exhibition ProPak Asia. 

The forum discussed global trends in sustainable and biodegradable packaging, the 2025 sustainable packaging targets, as well as technological innovation, digital printing, robotics and automation.

Amongst the 21 speakers from 12 countries, a representative of UCIMA (Italian packaging machinery manufacturers’ association) presented data and performance figures for the sector in the ASEAN region and confirmed the economic importance and technological maturity achieved by Italian companies. The talk focused in particular on the environmental sustainability projects which have been adopted by the industry and have attracted strong interest in Bangkok.

Packmedia was present as a media partner and provided support both for the event and for the Italian packaging industry.

Plastic was one of the main talking points, with speakers arguing that the material continues to play a key role in packaging choices despite the need for more effective disposal. It is therefore imperative to find more effective reuse, recycle and reduce solutions while alternative materials are being developed on a large scale and placed on the market. These concepts are in line with the 2025 targets, although the speakers stressed that “reduce” should be the first line of defence against waste.

For this purpose, the industry is developing active and intelligent packaging that not only helps to extend product shelf life but also informs consumers about the state of preservation of food. On the advanced technology front, it was noted that robotics and automation are reshaping the food and beverage industry factory and that digital printing is unlocking the consumer engagement capability of packaging.