Bolton Group posts revenues of just under €2 billion

Bolton Group reported double-digit turnover growth in 2016 to reach consolidated revenues of €1.96 billion (11.6% up on 2015) and profits of €210.8 million (+9.9%).

Gross operating margin rose to €736 million (+10.3%) while operating profit totalled €324 million, equivalent to 16.5% of revenues, compared to the €261 million of 2015 (+14.8%).

One of the key factors contributing to these outstanding 2016 results was consolidation of the revenues of Spanish firm Garavilla following the acquisition of a 75% shareholding in October 2015 and the remaining 25% in October 2016.

With more than 50 brands (including Rio Mare and Simmenthal, Neutro Roberts and Bilboa, WC Net and Fornet) spread over the food, household care, adhesives, personal care and cosmetics divisions, the Milan-based multinational has 12 manufacturing facilities (4 in Italy and 8 abroad) and more than 5,600 employees, and exports its products to 125 countries worldwide.

In particular, the food division posted 24.8% growth in revenues with an upturn in sales in Italy, Germany, Central Europe and the Middle East.

The Group also performed strongly in Italy and the Middle East in the household care segment and in the adhesives and glues division, while the revenues of the personal care and cosmetics division remained stable.