Founded in 1965, Eurosicma has played an important role in the food confectionery field since the seventies, becoming an Italian specialist in horizontal packaging machines and systems, on both the Italian and the international market.

Eurosicma designs and produces a wide range of high-performance solutions for the packaging of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

To the Food industry, the company offers flow and fold-pack solutions for the horizontal packaging both primary and multipack, and on request secondary wrapping.

The company realizes automatic machines and lines for handling, feeding and packaging of products such as candies, chewing gums and bubble gums, plain, sandwich and filled biscuits, wafers, crackers, snacks, chocolate and sweets in general.

To the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, the company proposes forming and packing solutions for a wide range of plasters and dressings and cotton swabs.

Starting the activity with 30 employees, Eurosicma Group counts today 160 members with an annual turnover of over than 30 million Euros. Eurosicma’s total production has reached as many as 4300 machines, sold in more than 85 countries all over the world. This allowed the company to face and deal with several issues strictly related to the product’s wrapping: this qualifies Eurosicma as a “Multispecialist Constructor of Automatic Machines”.

Today, Eurosicma is able to offer its clients an array of solutions, customizing all the requests and needs with a partnership approach. Thanks to specific and qualified departments, Eurosicma follows up every stage of the production process, from the design phase to the entire production, throughout the quality control up to the customer-care, managing all the phases with the most expertise and know how.

Clients who use Eurosicma’s products are totally satisfied and keep buying the machines produced by Eurosicma, as our reference list shows.

The optimization of the production process is the main objective they achieve.

Time reduction of return of investments is guaranteed by an actual high productivity, high standards of efficiency and waste reduction.

The reduction of the cost of personnel is possible thanks to the automatisms applied, so that they reduce at most human intervention. 

The optimization of the occupied areas and low energy consumption are possible thanks to the PC technology which allows to realize space-saving machines with a simplified electric panel and extremely low energy absorption.

The costs of maintenance are low thanks to the reduction of mechanical parts and consequently of the relative maintenance operations.

The simple use is ensured by the possibility of completely personalized Human Machine Interface’s Menu (HMI).

Eurosicma is a reliable partner and has such corporate characteristics which are concrete and provable and allow to distinguish itself from many companies of the same sector.

Seriousness and expertise are guaranteed by over 45 years of activity and over than 4000 machines placed in more than 80 countries.

Clients who choose Eurosicma are never left alone thanks to the efficient after-sales service both from Italy and in-site, where several equipped and specialized teams have been created and specially trained.

The quality of the products is ensured by both the only “made in Italy” production and a careful and thorough quality control.  

Eurosicma is flexible both in the relationship with the clients, sharing its all know-how and in terms of products, realizing customized solutions, specially designed according to the needs. 

Eurosicma is a reliable partner able to provide any kinds of technical and commercial guarantees, willing to satisfy needs and requests of any clients, from the small company to the big multinational.

In July 2017 Eurosicma joined IMA Group.


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Located in the well-known packaging valley in the Bologna area, Teamac brand is representing a reality in the vibrating world of tea.

Established in 1993 with the aim to give an answer to the demanding market for tea bagging machineries, and recently acquired by Revisioni Industriali S.r.l., the Teamac brand counts almost twenty five years of experience in packaging machinery and international management merged with a “dream” in the designing of tea bagging machines which create a new standard for this market.

Teamac brand is specialized in tea bag packaging machines for non heatsealable double chamber KNOTTED filter bags.


Tel. +39 051 796782

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email: mktg.tea@ima.it

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Tel. +39 0828 340904

Fax +39 0828 340906

Email: info@selematic.it

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Avvolgitrici e insaccatrici per rotoli di carta tissue, avvolgitrici per tovaglioli di carta tissue, sistemi integrati per il confezionamento di prodotti tissue.Nata nel 1997, TMC rappresenta la vera e innovativa soluzione tecnologica e organizzativa alle tradizionali problematiche dei trasformatori di prodotti tissue.


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